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Bucket List Diving

Inspiration for you next liveaboard diving holiday!


Why not think about the experience, before you choose a destination?

It can be hard to choose you next liveaboard diving holiday, by simply looking at pictures of a boat. It can even be hard to choose a destination if you don't know what's there to see. We do know, however, that most divers have a bucket list of things they'd love to see underwater. That's why we've put together this list of top underwater attractions and included our choice of liveaboards for you.

What's on your diving bucket list?

Every scuba diver has a wish list of things they'd like to see underwater. For many divers it's the big fish! It could be majestic manta rays or the ever graceful whaleshark. Here at Liveaboard Diving HQ, for example, there's a big wish to see schooling Hammerheads, somehting that's been very elusive over the years.

If you've got a lot of experience as a diver and pretty much seen all the marine life out there in the ocean, you might like to discover and explore new wrecks. No two wrecks are the same and there's plenty of wrecks that are either accessable to novice divers or also deeper wrecks for expereienced or technical divers.

Diving and experiencing such sights is always better via liveaboard boat. A lot of the time, you can access divesites that days boats simply cannot reach, because they are too far out to sea. Liveaboards simply find a safe anchorage over night and sail further into waters, whilst the day boats turn around and head back to port. For the sites that the day boats can reach, you're often the first divers at the divesite. Your liveaboard will simply overnight at the divesite, and you can jump in forst thing in the morning, while the day boats are still packing their gear and setting sail!